ASIC Crypto Miner Hosting In Our Green Bay, Wisconsin Datacenter

Whether you need to host one ASIC Crypto Miner or Hundreds of ASIC Crypto Mining servers, we can accommodate your needs, securely and affordably right here in our Green Bay, WI Datacenter.

What Are Your ASIC Crypto Mining Challenges?

Do you need to invest in more power, can't handle the heat, want more silence, less headaches or simply lack space? Residential power is expensive. Heat management can be challenging. Our datacenter facility and experience can help with all of those problems, simplify your life and increase your mining profits.

Mining Infrastructure is Expensive!

Are you hosting your ASIC Miners in your house, garage, basement or office? If so you probably know, power is expensive and miners generate a lot of heat. Adding additional power capacity to support more miners can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you mechanically cool the space, this will add to your costs and reduce your profits. We will increase your uptime and thus lower your time to getting a return on your investment which leads to greater profits.

ASIC Miner Hosting In Our Green Bay, WI Datacenter Location

Securely house your ASIC Mining machines our Green Bay, WI datacenter location. No requirement to buy miners from us - bring your own miner. If you dont have a miner, no problem, we can point you in the right direction to trusted vendors. Our ASIC miner hosting service provides a highly redundant network, lightning fast connectivity, rock-solid infrastructure, within a secure environment, at a fraction of what it would cost to keep in your garage, basement, office or shed. You dont need to worry about the heat, additional power circuits, air handling or environmentals. We take care of all of that for you. You will always remain in control of your miners and you can be confident in their safety and security, because your miners will be located right here in our wholly owned facility located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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ASIC Miner Service Setup and Service Provisioning:

With over 28 years in business running traditional datacenters, we use that immense experience to maximize your uptime, resolve issues, provide immediate support and respond to your needs proactively. We hear over an over how we simply do it better when customers transfer to us. You wont be waiting days for a response to an issue. You wont be wondering if anyone is listening. We listen and we are here for you.

The process is simple... We will add you to our portal where billing and support are handled, an order will be submitted, an invoice generated and once paid, your hosting space is reserved. You can then ship us your equipment or you can deliver to our Green Bay facility in person. Should you need to drop ship your servers from a vendor, we can accommodate that too. Once the equipment arrives, we will place in securely in our datacenter, power it up and configure for your mining pool. Miners are generally setup the same day they arrive.

We offer cleaning and air blowing services ala carte to keep your miners working as efficient as possible.

We can help troubleshoot issues and if you need us to de-rack and ship a unit out for repair, we can take care of that for you. Just provide a RMA number or repir ticket number, address and prepaid FedEx or UPS shipping label or account number. OR if you prefer we can provide the white glove service and handle it all for you.

Our Asic Miner Hosting Terms of Service (TOS) outlined Here.

ASIC Miner Colocation and Hosting Benefits

Colocate and host your ASIC Miner with Netsonic, the ideal alternative to constructing and managing your own expensive, physical infrastructure.
Gain peace-of-mind knowing your ASIC Miner will experience increased uptime with Netsonic managing and monitoring your miners performance.
Learn more about our datacenter and hosting your ASIC mining machine.

Guaranteed Power

Take advatage of lower power costs and avoid downtime with uninterruptible power systems (UPS), diesel backup generators and full facility TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors).

Investment Protection

Optimal conditions in our cool Wisconsin climate optimize hash rates and uptime leading to greater long term mining profits.

Datacenter Security

We will keep your equipment safe and secure with our 24/7 surveillance monitoring and recording.

Reliable Infrastructure

Netsonic is powered by Juniper Networks high-performance, carrier grade routers for efficiency and reliability.

Steady Connectivity

Our carrier-neutral datacenter provides a secure and constant server connection with multiple 10Gbps fiber connections from Time Warner and AT&T.

Ethernet Connections

Each cabinet is powered by a privately dedicated 1Gbps fast ethernet port connection.

Roof Access

Roof access with ample space for various antenna or dish setups.

Available Work Areas

Conference room and private work areas available.

Easy Expansion

Space to easily expand and add hardware as you grow. We are constantly adding mining capacity. It fills fast so reserve space as soon as you can.

Free Setup

All initial racking and setup fees are waived.

Remote Hands

With our remote hands support you can engage our professionals to resolve issues and save time.

We're Standing By

We have a technician on duty 24/7/365 in case of any emergency issue.

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