What Our Customers Are Saying

Kevin Pilet
"Netsonic is a first class business. You guys have always gone out of your way to make sure I was up and running, and your response time is like none other, quick and reliable.

You really showed your heart when Hurricane Katrina hit, I was living in a tent on a campground and told you I was broke, without any idea what my future held. You told me not to worry about anything, you would keep my site up, and running until I was established again… and you did, on your own dollar, for 6 months."

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Michael Schultz
"We're coming up on our 8th year with Netsonic, and I realized I've never told you guys just how much you're appreciated. As a website design and hosting company, we've gone through several different providers over the past 17 years, ranging from local providers to a few of the "big box" providers such as Media3, GoDaddy, and Rackspace. With over 400 domains, 1200 email users, and 5 different virtual machines providing service to our clients, you would think that I'd be working around the clock to make sure that our servers are up and running properly. BUT... I can honestly say that since we moved all of this to Netsonic back in 2009, I don't have to worry about it. I think I can count on one hand the number of issues we've had that resulted in any significant downtime, and even on those rare occasions I don't worry so much because I know that Adam, Bleau, and the rest of the Netsonic team will generally be on it and have it resolved before I even submit a support ticket . Plus, it is PRICELESS to be able to pick up the phone and talk with people I know, people I've actually met, and be able to get answers and resolutions quickly and efficiently without going through all the "tiers" of support that the other providers make you jump through. Even at 3AM, you're there for us. You guys are the best. I can't say it any better than that."

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John Hamlin
"THANK YOU! I really can't tell you enough what a great service you offer. I have had many hosting providers over the years (back to 1996) and you rank in the best of the best category for me. Thank you for everything. I will be sure to bring all of my business here."

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Dave Hansen
"As an IT consultant, I have setup several clients with Netsonic and the performance is blazing fast and there have literally been zero problems. The exceptionally reliable service you continually provide has enabled me to work with more clients than ever before. Additionally, you guys have gone way above and beyond with your help on the development servers and a couple of difficult roll outs. The development servers were donated, setup, and maintained by you and the assistance you provided for a donated server has made me a loyal customer for life. You could not offer better customer care."

Michael Troup
"We started working with Netsonic when our then-current colocation provider was not meeting our needs. Netsonic accommodated our requirements and worked with us to make a seamless transition. Twice since then, our system requirements have changed; both times Netsonic easily accommodated. When our system needs to expand again, it will be with Netsonic."

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Yasha Harari
"I have hosted my publishing business internet services with Netsonic since 2005 and my experience has been excellent. Netsonic has consistently been there for us in critical moments, even lending a hand that went above and beyond the services they offer. It is purely a joy to know that Netsonic maintains the highest quality internet hosting services.

Netsonic's reliability and customer service is so good, that the stresses typical at other ISP's I have done business with in the past are simply not an issue. Most importantly, the friendly, helpful staff at Netsonic make the entire experience a pleasure to do business with them. You would be hard pressed to find a better team of people running such a tight ship in the Internet Ocean.

Put simply, Netsonic is the best host I have ever enjoyed. If you're looking for a top-notch ISP to host your business internet needs, look no further than Netsonic. You'll be glad you did business with them."


Mathew Peterson
"You guys provide an excellent service and you've always been very accommodating. It's very much appreciated!"

Tracy Reeb
"I've been one of your customers for about 15 years. You really are a great company to work with and I'm so glad I do my hosting with you."

Mark P.
"Thanks for taking the time to respond and for allowing me to discuss these things with you. It is such a difference from the dealings that I usually have with other Internet companies who seem to place customer satisfaction somewhat lower down on the priority lists."

John Hamlin
"I have really enjoyed the level of service and caring delivering a top quality product. I have been in the Hosting/Internet business since the beginning (i.e. – mid-90’s) when I worked at one of the original Backbone ISP’s and Datacenters on the business development team. Despite being mostly ‘sales’ oriented, I have developed and continue to host many customer sites.

Over the years, I have hosted with many companies since building my first web site in 1995, and to date NetSonic is leading the pack with the best experience.

NetSonic has a solid offering at a reasonable value. It’s not the least expensive option by far, but the value in speed and most importantly support is great! Having a Plesk offering was what brought me in, the service is what has kept me. People like Adam have consistently offered great advice and support as my web business continues to grow. I have run my own VPS’s on AWS and Azure, and hosted with countless others before moving 90% of my sites to NetSonic.

What has really set NetSonic apart is the expert and fast service when it’s needed. I value having the backing of a professional team available to address the complex details in hosting multiple sites, when its needed.

Great work and thank you to Adam."

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Hector M.
"I wanted to acknowledge the excellent technical support your company offers. On the occasions I've had to report an issue with one of my websites, your technical staff has been prompt, diligent, very professional and extremely effective at solving the problem. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into ensuring that customer satisfaction and I assure you that you have, in me, a very satisfied customer. Thank you for the great job."

Judy Weitzman
"My website has been at Netsonic for a long time now and I am thrilled with their customer service. I would not want to go anywhere else. I am not the most tech savvy person on the planet and I freak out easily when things get tricky. The whole team at Netsonic has made my experience into cyberspace so easy. They have a quick turn around when issues arise and problems are solved immediately. Who can ask for more? I am grateful to my webmaster who aligned me with Netsonic and I highly recommend them to everyone! I also think it is important to support the smaller companies who offer these services. Hat's off to Adam and the whole team at Netsonic. Here's to many more years of great service!"

Diet Coach Judy

"Many people are quick to let you know when something is wrong, or a service is not acceptable. I wanted to write and let you know that you provide outstanding service. Thank you for being an outstanding web hosting company. I'm a webmaster on a stock exchange site. With that responsibility, I need a service that is quick and reliable, one that needs to be maintained everyday. Netsonic has been very reliable, and quick. I will use your service on any future websites I do. I will recommend to anyone doing a website of their own. I've been very pleased and will always be a dedicated client."

Nikolas Eggert
"As always you guys do a great job and that makes my life easier here at Shorewest. I don't think there is anything I could ask of you to make things better, as things run great right now."


Greg W.
"I would like to take time out to say thanks to all your staff for helping in getting my web hosting package set-up on your system. I tried many international companies before coming to Netsonic with requests for information and services, but a lot were very slow or non existent, but at Netsonic all were answered damn quick! You supplied everything I needed to know and then some. My sites are now all set up and my services can only get better now using you as my service provider. I have today convinced a good friend to host several commercial sites with you as your services far outweigh the equivalent here in New Zealand so hopefully you'll hear from them very soon as I now tell everyone looking to host that their best bet is to go with Netsonic for all aspects of Internet service. So, thanks again to all."

Randy Barker
"Many thanks for your excellent services."


Steven Mattlin
"15 years, 3 generations of machines, 2 O.S.'s and 99.9999 (15 of them)% uptime. You have given me 15 years of great Support and Service, always timely and friendly. Thank you, Netsonic."

Brooke Branning
"Thank you so much for your quick response. I have and will continue to recommend Netsonic as the best choice for website hosting. You probably don't hear it enough... but you really are wonderful!"

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H. Moreno
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Your response times are amazing. VERY satisfied customer. Much, much obliged!"

Vicki Muffin

Bob Calvert
"Thanks for your assistance - glad you were able to resolve it quickly. I've always had fantastic service from Netsonic. Take care and God Bless."


Louise Eggleton
"Before Netsonic came along, we had a succession of terrible hosts that were bought up, went out of business, or were inadequate for our needs. Netsonic has served us well over the last 15 years or so, you guys are really solid."

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Barbara Smits
"One of the reasons that I've stayed here is the help that you are willing and able to give to folks like me who aren't programmers. I do appreciate the fact that you help to work through the problems and keep my website up and running. We plan to use it much more now and it is much easier to keep current with Adobe Muse, so thanks to Netsonic for their help through the years - I much like your MyFiles storage and use it frequently for sharing large video files (I'm a video producer and editor) - and I also like the new anti-spam feature and hope that it enhances my ability to put Old Northwest email to better use in the feature."

Old Northwest Frontier Tours

Frank Morotoli
"You have provided me amazing service as well as amazing customer and billing support every month for as long as I have been a customer. I cannot say enough great things about your service, and server hosting abilities and team - thank you."


Enrique Garibay
"During a recent customer consultation, I had the unfortunate experience to work with their web hosting company. What a disaster! Their ISP mis-configured their server. Not only was it improperly equipped, but they installed the wrong operating system! Getting customer support presented a challenge since their support staff was located in the Ukraine. I've never seen such a web hosting fiasco.

It was that experience that made me truly appreciate the Netsonic hosting services. Not only does Netsonic get the job done right the first time, they're always available for support when I need them most. Even if that means 3 AM.

Getting it done right the first time and having support available when I need it most; those are two reason why I've been an 11-year customer of Netsonic. Thanks for all you do!"

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Anthony Giargiano
"Thanks for the great service you guys give me. Been a customer since 2006 I think."


T.J. Parro
"I like having you guys host my site at a reasonable price. It frees me up from having to worry about it. Your bandwidth and reliability seem to be good. Thanks for your service and support."

Mark G.
"Everything is going great with the server. Your company is absolutely the best in the dedicated hosting industry. I've had nothing but a pleasant experience thus far and it continues to get better. Also, I'd like to let you know that Bleau helped me a lot, your staff is right up there with your company, the absolute best!"

Jason K.
"Wanted to let you know that you guys have great service. During the latest DoS attacks, your team did a great job keeping the system up during business hours as much as possible, and performed most of the maintenance late at night. I make sure to tell all our clients of the high-speed access, great support and security of your network, which are some of the main reasons we chose to establish our account and long-term business relationship with your company. Thank you for all your help Adam!"

Brent B.
"I don't know if I've sent you guys a complimentary letter yet, but in case I have, let me do it again. I can't tell you how incredibly happy I am with your web hosting. The add-on order forms are great, everything I ask for is done promptly, and the service is always fast. The prices are definitely fair, and the reliability is outstanding. Big mega kudos!"

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