Virtual Dedicated Servers

Netsonic's Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) places your server and data within a fault tolerant, resiliant and scalable cluster. This allows for guaranteed resources, maximum CPU performance and exceptional IO performance with nearly infinite resource scaling.

Lowest Cost
  • Exceptional Value
  • 1GB Ram
  • 1 CPU
  • 25GB SSD Disk
More Resources
  • Great Performance
  • 4GB Ram
  • 2 CPU's
  • 80GB SSD Disk

Not enough time to manage your server yourself? Let us manage it for you! Find out more.

Cloud Scalability With The Isolation, Performance & Control Of A Dedicated Server

Our VDS virtual machines give you dedicated server features, full root access, total control, isolation and high performance.


We'll manage and maintain your hardware, network and infrastructure, so you can focus on your business.

Private Server

Each account functions as a standalone server, dedicated to one customer and fully isolated from other accounts. You will NEVER interact with another users account.

Global CDN

Our CDN network is powered by onApp, and covers more than 170 locations in 43 countires.

Elastic Server Resources

Run large scale workloads with the ability to instanty scale RAM or add CPU and disk space, without the need to reboot, easily accommodating fluctuating traffic demand.

Maximum Performance

Resources dedicated solely to your account ensures activity from other users will not interfere with your site performance.

High Availability

Our high availability server cluster framework will reroute your data in the event of needed patches or updates, keeping your site always up, running and available.

Full Root Access

Stay in full control of yur server resources, including CPU, RAM, removal and modification of IP addresses and power cycling.

Operating System

Install and operate on nearly any operating system. (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian or FreeBSD).

Completely Customizable

Customize and build to meet your specific requirements.

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