Netsonic... More Than Just Hosting

Simple hosting type solutions is a small but important part of what we do however, at Netsonic, we go beyond just offering standard and/simple hosting solutions.
Over the years we have deployed many complex, managed and unmanaged solutions. Ask us how we can help you with your complex data protection needs.

Private Cloud Solutions

Maintain full control & security at maximum performance.

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Hybrid Cloud Computing

Combine solutions for scalability, high-performance and security.

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HA Architecture

Remove single points of failure to minimize downtime.

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Custom Clusters

Create a fast, resilient & failover cloud environment.

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Colocation Solutions

Utilize our facility for higher bandwidth, security & redundany.

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hardware for full control, privacy & zero resource limitations.

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Storage Solutions

Simple or complex storage options that easily scale to accommodate growth.

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Multi-Facility Deployment

Provide a better end-user experience across geographic regions including integration with AWS, IBM and Microsoft.

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Backup Solutions

Implement a plan that mitigates risks & protects your business data.

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Building A Solution Best Suited For You

Leverage our investment, expertise and infrastructure to customize a cost-effective solution to fit your exact needs. We'll help build your optimal environment in three easy steps.

Step 1

Our experts will assess your needs in comparison to your current setup.

Step 2

We'll determine the best custom setup at the most affordable price to fit your needs.

Step 3

Our technicians will configure your custom solution and deploy in our Green Bay, WI datacenter.

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